Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Today I want to tell you about an angry young man.

A University of California study has recently shown that surfing the net increases neural activity and benefits the brain. Surfing the net has benefited me in others ways as well. It's introduced me to some very special people.

Today I'd like to tell you about
an angry young man. Anthony (Tony) Tobin is one of the special people in this world. In his quiet way he's helped thousands of people, giving them hope, comfort in the knowledge that they are not alone and empowered them with knowledge so that they can help themselves. He's been spurred on in this endeavour by his love and care for his granddaughter. This part of his story you can read here

Tony was also interviewed by the How to Cope with Pain blog.

From his home in the UK, Tony runs
RSD/CRPS World News Group
This group has been an invaluable resource for the over 800 members world wide. There's a huge amount of up to date information so I strongly suggest joining the group. Tony has helped and supported many sufferers and loved ones.

Why is Tony
an angry young man? His first blog is titled, "The original angry man blog -Everything that is wrong with this world when looked at by older and wiser (Maybe) eyes". (click on Tony's profile to get links to his other blogs) He doesn't however just use this blog just to have a rant. Tony does something about it.

Turning anger into action, helping others and spreading the word. The world could do with a few more such angry
young men (and women).

Tony, thank you for doing and sharing so much and especially for the peace and joy you bring to our lives.

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