Friday, November 21, 2008

American Forces Defence Service News - Mirror Therapy Shows Promise in Amputee Treatment

This is a good article which shows a service person holding a mirror at right angles to his body. He is positioned so that his amputated side is behind the mirror and out of sight. He watches the mirror image of his good leg while moving the good leg. What he sees is his apparent other leg moving without pain. His brain gets the "O.K." message and the pain is eased or stopped.

Click on this post title to take you to the defense Service News article.

This same method works for chronic pain syndromes which are in a single limb. You need one good side or at least one better side. I'm using this same method at present for crps shoulder pain.

It's important to remember if pain returns after it has been relieved, then there is an underlying cause. It is most important to remember that physical therapy to regain strength, correct movement etc is very important in order to help prevent re injury and recurrence of pain.

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