Saturday, November 22, 2008

Finding practitioners and teachers who use the new brain science approach can be daunting.

In response to Barbara's recent question about how to find practitioners or teachers of the new brain science methods such as mirror therapy, I have been searching for a directory listing possible therapists. I contacted the NOI Group about this some time ago. Even here in Australia the is no register. In my own experience I've found physiotherapists who have had training with Dr Lorimer Moseley and yet do not use the methods in practice. So having a list of trained practitioners will not necessarily guarantee they put into practice what they've learned.

However the NOI Group, Neuro Orthopedic Institute of Australasia, provides wonderful resources which you can access directly from them on line. Click here for a list of resources including graded motor imagery, limb laterality recognition software, and neurodynamic techniques dvd.

NOI Group has courses in 2009 in the USA

Mobilization of the Nervous System Chicago, IL Robert Johnson
14-15 March, 2009
Mobilization of the Nervous System Elkridge, MD Adriaan Louw
28-29 March, 2009
Mobilization of the Nervous System ST. Louis, MO Adriaan Louw
4-5 April, 2009
Mobilization of the Nervous System Las Vagus, NV Adriaan Louw
6-7 June, 2009

I suggest if you are interested in finding a practitioner who uses these methods that you print out my post and other information from previous posts. I then suggest you speak with your physical therapist or pain management clinic. Ask them if they are aware of the new understanding of brain plasticity and how it relates to pain management. Encourage them to go to training if in their area. Don't think less of them if they don't know as no one can be expected to know everything. Provide them with information and links to research. Encourage them to find out more and so you can work out what to do together.

Many practitioners will be too busy or disinclined to help. If that happens then you can access the NOI Group materials yourselves. "Explain Pain" is a good beginning as it explains very simply about pain and the brain.
Read about mirror therapy and work it out for yourself as I did. Tell your practitioner what you plan to do and get any advice. They can help even if they don't really know much about it. Our Aussie dollar is very low compared with the US dollar. This will make buying resources from Australia very cheap.

I'm giving you the link to the American Association of Intergrative Medical Practitioners.

You can contact the association from this website. They have a list of members. I suggest you contact the association and ask for members in your area. I found a link to this website on the NOI Group site so it's possible they have provided training to this group.
There's a conference in 2009. You could encourage your practitioners to find out if this conference has new brain science as topics.

Finally, I know the doctor who is a pain management specialist and has the website How to Cope with Pain uses these methods. Personal experience with patience gives her the edge in presenting a very informative website.

I hope this is of some help. I'm sorry I can't help you further.


How to Cope with Pain said...

Great post, Jeisea. Unfortunately it is hard to find someone. I'll be posting in December about some key articles, as well as other hints to find a practitioner.

If someone is in the Philadelphia/NJ area, they can also contact me at How to Cope with Pain, and while I don't refer to myself through my blog, I can point you to a few other providers who use this type of treatment in my area.

jeisea said...

That's wonderful HTCwP. I'll look out for your posts and highlight them here. I'll copy the last part and make a post so visitors have a better chance of seeing it.
Thanks heaps

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