Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More proof that retraining the brain can relieve pain.

How to Cope with Pain website has a brilliant article on some published research by Dr Lorimer Moseley, Nadia Zaluck and Katja Wiech titled

Tactile discrimination, but not tactile stimulation alone, reduces chronic limb pain

I encourage you to click on this blog title to read HTCwP's article.

There is no doubt that brain retraining, which taps into the new understanding of the plasticity of the brain, can make a huge difference to people who have chronic pain. It needs to be remembered that although these techniques can ease or stop pain, pain can recur due to re injury or another event. Stopping the pain is just part of the solution. People in chronic pain have altered posture, protecting behaviours which alter posture, altered posture due to inability to use or move one part of the body properly. Once pain is lessened, the issue of getting fitter/stronger to avoid re-injuring needs addressing.


Barbara K. said...

Do you know how to find practitioners or teachers of these methods in the U.S.?

jeisea said...

Hi Barbara
This is a tricky question. I'll answer in a series of posts beginning with a CBS News report. (after one on Resparate) This may take me a few days as I'm dealing with a shoulder problem at present so keeping pacing in mind, am only using the computer in short spurts. I'm also using mirror therapy with the shoulder. It stops the pain but then I aggreviate it again so we begin again.

PS Greta questiion Barbara

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