Saturday, November 01, 2008

New - Complex regional pain syndrome 1 – the Swiss cohort study

The goal of this study is a) to set up a database with patients suffering from suspected CRPS 1 in an initial stadium, b) to perform investigations on epidemiology, diagnosis, prognosis, and socioeconomics within the database and c) to develop a prognostic risk assessment tool for patients with CRPS 1 taking into account symptomatology and specific therapies.

Ideally, potential risk factors may be identified at an early stage in order to initiate an early and adequate treatment in patients with increased risk for delayed recovery.

The researchers believe that the project is timely. From a socioeconomic and epidemiological perspective many questions regarding CRPS remain unanswered. While considerable efforts have gone into basic science research dealing with pathogenesis of CRPS the clinical counterpart has not been vigorously fostered. Among the few examples we are aware of the Dutch consortium Trend which established a registry of cases with CRPS I. We think that our collaboration with this group has a significant synergistic capacity. Our partnership will contribute to a better understanding of many important aspects of CRPS and inform the future research agenda in this area. It is likely to generate considerable transfer value to the health care system not only because its results will have a direct impact on patient care but also because it allows identifying patients requiring particular attention and care. Finally, we believe that this study will guide investigators to set the research agenda in this rapidly evolving field.

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