Sunday, November 30, 2008

Porta Spa offers a soft, less expensive alternative way for relaxation and ease of movement.

I'm reposting this. My Porta Spa is 12 months old now and good as new. Last winter I'd soak in the hot water before going to bed. Many with complex regional pain syndrome will know what I mean when I say if you get cold you are cold to the bone and it's very hard to get warm again. Immersing in the hot spa warms and relaxes, eases pain and helps me get to sleep.

We are in summer now so I've turned the temperature down. I exercise in the spa using a pool noodle cut like dumb bells. The bubbles aren't harsh but give a gentle massage. I just love it!

As you are probably aware I love water so when a Porta Spa was advertised in a Christmas catalogue I did some investigating. I was a bit nervous as to whether a blow up spa would be sturdy and would last. However we bought one and I absolutely love it. It heats and blows hundreds of bubbles like a normal spa but is soft to sit in. It's made of the same kind of material as white water rafting boats so is very sturdy. Ours is inflated with the pump in minutes and can be deflated and moved or put away. We use an alternative to harsh chemicals which is added each day. This means we don't have a strong chlorine smell and it's kinder on clothes I think.

What this means for me is that I can have the benefits of being immersed in water without having to fill a tub (we're water conscious in Australia). It's big enough for me to float and move and exercise and the bubbles aren't harsh but keep the water moving over my skin which is great for desensitization. In winter I will be able to get warm everywhere and then rug up warmly. If I just rug up I find my extremities remain cold.

For any Australians reading this I found this spa in a Target catalogue for A$699. I've recently seen it for $599. Yes I couldn't believe it either. The local pool shops sell it for about A$2500. When I was searching for information I discovered it's available in the UK and the USA. As Kath from Kath & Kim would say, "I'm just loving myself with my new spa".

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