Saturday, November 08, 2008

"Yes we can" do something to help ourselves when dealing every day with chronic pain.

I've chose this post as my contribution to How To Cope with Pain's November blog carnival.
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The election is over and the speeches have been made but the message will remain all important.

I've had many encouraging responses to my recent posts about physical therapy to help pain and symptoms of complex regional pain syndrome. All have said how much they've been helped and continue with physical therapy as I do myself. The new US President Elect got it right when he said the empowering words, "yes we can". We now know that the brain changes in a positive, helpful way when we think or speak positively so I suggest we all adopt this mantra and repeat it often.
"Yes we can!"

Yes we can move a little and a little more each day. (remembering to pace)
Yes we can make immune boosting food and drink choices. (tea is a great immune booster)
Yes we can actively seek happiness. (choose a funny dvd)
We can do something to help ourselves.

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Maureen Hayes said...

What a wonderful, uplifting and empowering message. Sometimes we get bogged down in the pain or fatigue and we forget that we do have SOME control, especially in the choices we make. Thanks for a powerful reminder to stay positive and watch the good tings that follow from that.

Belle said...

I never say to myself that I can't do something but rather how might I be able to do this with the limitations that I do have. Thanks for the reminders. I learn so much from you!

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