Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Care to swap your painful body for a fit pain free one?

A new friend of mine from my web-site Stephen Monaco who lives in S. Cal. found an article on a recent experiment and sent it to me. Thanks heaps Stephen. Stephen gets my new posts in his email. If he clicks "reply" he is able to email me personally. If interested just click on
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Yahoo news reported on a brilliant piece of Swedish research "exploring how people can be tricked into the false perception of owning another body."Technology involving wearing goggles has enabled people to experience the illusion of changing bodies.

When Stephen saw this it occurred to him that it might have something to do with the brain retrain stuff I've been posting about. Well Stephen I believe you are very perceptive. I've posted before about the Interfaces Goup in the UK who have stopped phantom limb pain using virtual realaty. You might remember my post (and How to Cope with Pain's) about the virtual snow dome which eases the pain of having burns redressed. Now this idea of swapping bodies has real potential for easing pain by retraining the brain. I had been thinkiong of using virtual reality to project your body in front of you. Using goggles and our own movements the virtual body could be seen to move befor eyour eyes. The illusion would be that the body moves freely without pain. Now if you put the body swap idea together with your own body projection idea there could be hope for pains that are hard to treat with mirror therapy such as back pain. There is also research to support benefits of visualizing movements. The is the ultimate visualization.

Click on the post title for the link to the article. I also encourage you to click on the slide show which shows pictures of just what they did in the experiment.

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