Saturday, January 24, 2009

New respect for traditional, indigenous medicine.

ABC Science has a report about Australian Native Plants being used to develop new antibacterial coatings for implants.

They discovered the plants potential after looking at traditional indigenous use for these plants.

We are all familiar with "super juices". Usually they are made from nutrient dense native plants such as the goji berry. In Australia now they have developed a super juice based on the Kakadu Plum which is a very powerful antioxidant. This juice was developed after looking at a range of traditional fruits and seeds. a super juice based on the kakadu plum which has very strong anti-oxidant properties. F4E9E6-6A3D-4826-AAD6-42333D55E309

Click on the tag antioxidants to the left of this blog for more about CRPS and the antioxidant connection.

I am not encouraging you to consume super juices. I merely suggest that it seems to me that we have a great deal to learn from traditional medicine. I also think we might be well to think about our own personal heritage and look at traditional styles of eating and whether there would be benefit for us to revisit some of the traditional foods of our forefathers.

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