Monday, February 09, 2009

"From flood and fire and famine she pays us back three fold" - "My Country" by Dorothea McKellar

Australia is in the grip of tragedy. In the north east 60% of the huge State of Queensland is under water from massive flooding. Queensland is 5 times the size of Japan, twice the size of Texas and 7 times Great Britain.

Parts of the State of New South Wales are on fire and the State of Victoria in our South East is devastated by the worst fire in Australia since European settlement. Many lives have been lost with the number rising daily. Many more seriously injured.

Thank you to those who have shown concern. I live near Byron Bay about the middle of the Coast of Eastern Australia. We are O.K. here.

Australians have a strong bond of mateship. In times of need people support each other. It's something about which we can be proud.

We are also very grateful for the offers of prayers, sympathy and help from other countries.

If interested, click on the blog title for the poem "My Country". The words ring true for today.


How to Cope with Pain said...

I was very sorry to see and hear about the fires and devastation. I'm glad you are ok!

jeisea said...

Thank you so much and to all who have been concerned.

I just posted a video about a koala. Many koalas have been coming up to people to get drinks.The toll on our wild life must be huge. The generosity of people has been amazing. Everyone wants to help.

Usiku (oo-SEE-koo) said...

Thinking about you this morning when I heard the news. Glad you're not in harm's way. The poem shows evidence of great love and devotion that is matched beautifully with the poetic expressions and intimate understanding of Australia.

jeisea said...

Thanks Usiku. I thought you would appreciate the poem. It was written around 1904 but the words still ring true.

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