Saturday, February 21, 2009

Neurotropian - recommended website.

Matthias Weinberger is a Physiotherapist extraordinaire in my opinion. He is passionate about the new science of pain management and promotes awareness and educates in this brilliant blog. Matthias is also a very talented photographic artist. I encourage you to bookmark his site and visit often. I go back and read his posts several times as there is so much good sense in what he posts.

At present I am very interested in his series of six posts about Mirror Therapy.

However before you read these the video of Ramachandran before Mirror Box Therapy Part I is worth watching.

  • Mirror Box Therapy Part I describes how easily the brain can be changed by vision. Click on rotating spiral to show you how. He presents the science of "Somatosensory maps being re-modeled so that the pain is gone (forever)" because the brain is restructured. Please note that from my observation, if pain returns as soon as you stop mirror therapy, there is an ongoing pathology or mechanical problem which needs addressing. Note the fantastic results with Iraq veterans in Walter Reid trials.
  • Mirror Box Therapy Part III talks about the virtual body in the brain and distortion of images. In my case if I have had pain for a long time my image of my body part becomes distroted eg I become convinced that my leg is swollen. Measuring shows me that it's not but in my mind it is. Mirror therapy stops the pain and returns the image in my brain to normal. Again this section is interesting and explained in such a way that it is easy to understand.
  • Mirror Box Therapy Part IV specifically talks about CRPS and mentions the limb laterality left/right recognition problem. This is the best explanation I've found about this. In previous posts I talked about Noi Group's Recognize program. I think the cards they now have would have been much better for me as I have a big problem with recognizing left and right hands. This post is devoted to feedback from the body to the brain and is most important. I recommend you take time and read this section.
  • Mirror Box Therapy Part VI - as the expression goes "from pain to possibilities". This section is just fascinating. Read it and bookmark "Neurotopian" in your favourites. I'll be checking regularly and hope at some point there will be the opportunity to get updates by email as you can with Blogger.

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Alessea said...

I know you posted this a while back but I thought I would comment anyway :)

When I was looking for information on mirror therapy last year, yours and Mathias's blogs helped me to understand much better what was happening with the mirror therapy. I really like using this technique to calm the " stabbing I cant concentrate pain" I just wished that the pain relief would last much longer than it does but it helps me get to sleep on bad nights which is certainly better than needing to take more meds.

Thank you also for commenting on my blog, I am trying to have fun and laugh, being social is a hard thing for me but I'm learning slowly. Just need to work on the bursting into tears all the time for no reason thing.

Take care!

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