Thursday, March 05, 2009

Fraud Case Rocks Anesthesiology Community- Please read this important post.

I have posted about the importance of preventing complex regional pain complications after surgery or dental work. I've posted link's to RSD Foundation's information and video about the recommendation of Professor Scott Reuben. I sent the link to this information to my anesthesiologist before I had a recent arthroscopy.

Today I received information that Professor Scott Reuben has been investigated. I encourage you to take the time to read this article in the Anesthesiology News

All I can say is perhaps it is unwise to throw the baby out with the bath water. The premise of what he suggests may be sound. Like other web sites I have removed relevant links and posts until more is known.

We put our trust in doctors. This appears to be a serious betrayal of trust and extremely distressing.

Creativity - because it's wholly absorbing is a brilliant way to cope with pain.

Matthias Weinberger or Neurotropian
is an extraordinary physiotherapist. I've posted about his website and his excellent posts about "mirror therapy". Matthias is also a competent artist who is having his first exhibition. Some of his works can be seen here. Brilliant photography!

These are very stressful times. Stress ramps up pain.

Recently I posted Kate Miller Heidke's video about bullying. You may wonder why I put this on this blog. Apart from the fact that Kate is a friend, I think that things that cause us stress, such as bullying, from friends on forums, in the workplace or anywhere ramps up the stress chronic pain sufferers have to deal with each day. Realizing what is happening and learning to deal with added stresses can help.

Another enormous stress which, if not effecting us personally, possibly effects those we know and hold dear. is the economic crisis.

Usiku posted recently about one aspect of this - job-lost-don't-lose-spirituality. His post brings some rational thinking about one of lifes big stressor. It's one of his best posts. Highly recommneded reading.
Here's the link.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Poor fellow, my country"

Extreme fire warnings have been issued for tonight and tomorrow for Victoria with winds gusting up to 150kph. As well as people from all over Australia, we have people from New Zealand, the USA and Canada helping us. Thank you all who help and all who care.

This poem was sent to me by email. I haven't been able to trace the writer. I'm sharing the poem which speaks to our hearts. If the writer reads this and wishes it removed please comment and I will do so immediately.

Black is all I see

Where green and gold once cloaked the land
Where eucalypt and pine did stand
Where man did live and lay his hand
Now black is all I see

Where horses grazed and cattle drank
Where grasses lined the river bank
Where stood a house and water tank
Now black is all I see

There was a town with store and hall
Which proudly stood ‘neath ridges tall
Now nothing moves or lives at all
And black is all I see

There stood a home and there another
Where lived a daughter, father , mother
A sister, cousin, niece or brother
Now black is all I see

Our nation grieves and holds them tight
Throughout the darkness of the night
Till daybreak brings an ashy light
And black is all I see

“Poor fella, my country”
N.D. 11 FEB 2009
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