Sunday, April 12, 2009

NEW online support for patients, family and supporters of those with CRPS/RSD.

NEW online support for patients, family and supporters of those with CRPS/RSD.
Art Kaminski, MD of Stanford University informed me today about a new website. Here's what he said.

Physicians for Patients (P4P) is a group of doctors dedicated to helping people online in a way to help improve the availability of physicians.

We have JUST started this website for RSD/CRPS patients.

Patients, family, and supporters of those with RSD/CRPS can ask a dedicated board certified RSD/CRPS specialist any questions they may have! (everything is FREE.)

The idea is to give a resource to people that need alternative opinions, information, or have limited access to health care (either no RSD specialist accessible, long wait times, uninsured, or simply can't afford it).

This way it is easier for a smaller number of physicians to help a larger number of people.

Although there is no actual medical advice, you can receive critical medical information from a physician exactly when you need it.

Dr. Colantonio is the doctor. He is board certified pain medicine and anesthesiology (so he is up to speed on nerve blocks, etc..). He trained at Duke University and Oregon Health and Science University.

Please forward this information to others that may benefit from this resource.
(we are JUST getting started so there are not a lot of folks on the site yet. But Dr. Colantonio is there and ready to answer any questions!)

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Alexis Brown said...

Is the page down? Or is it just my kindle acting up? Regardless, I'm desperate for help. I'm about ready to try anything that could possibly decrease my pain and I was really hoping that I could get some helpful information. Please email me at if the site is down and you get it up and running again. And if it is just my crap piece of technology not allowing me to visit the page, I would love to converse with anyone who might have any helpful information. It would be greatly appreciated.

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