Sunday, May 10, 2009

Creativity - focusing on pleasure despite pain.

"An antidote to pain can be found in pleasure. Pleasure can serve as a distraction from pain, and with concentration, can replace pain. Pleasure can take the form of the physical, the social and loving, the creative, the philosophical, and the spiritually experiential,"according to

Marti Hand has a blog dedicated to CREATIVITY IN HEALING. Her blog encourages readers to

Activate the body’s self-healing properties by exploring the relationship between art making and self-care.

I believe in the power of creativity as a distraction to help cope with pain, but more importantly, I believe that the pleasure and satisfaction derived from creative pursuits has far greater benefits. We know that when we think positively the brain changes in a way that is helpful. We know that the brain changes with chronic pain. Recent Australian research has indicated that creating neural pathways by doing new and different and creative things can help prevent neural loss.

A friend of my daughter's saw a bag I'd made her for Christmas and asked me to make some bags for a recent craft fair. It took a long time but I eventually made 20 bags. I made a blog a few weeks ago about this. I'll close this blog soon but though I would share what I made.

I'd like to make a link list of people who have chronic pain syndromes and, despite pain and disability are making time to create. I'll post soon about Belle of

Please leave a comment to share what you do. I you have a blog or website then I would love to add it to my "Creating despite pain" link list in the hopes of inspiring others.

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