Friday, May 15, 2009

Recent Advances in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome CRPS RSD DR. Joshua Prager


Anonymous said...

Dr. Prager and I met a few years back. Unfortunate for me he must of been having a bad day !. I appeared on time to my appt. However Dr. Prager asked me why I had such a lousy Insurance Co. I told him I came from the Mojave Desert all the way to UCLA. That it was one of two Companies available to us out in the Desert. He said " You have RSD pretty bad But I will not see you. I hate this Company they never PAY ME !."
He told me to get out of his office "NOW ! before I charge you for an appointment. What a !$#%&*.

jeisea said...

This is pretty sad. Here we have a government scheme that pays a set amount to doctors. Doctors can charge above that and ask the patient to pay. Most who do make concessions for chronic problems when people have hardship or just accept the government rebate. Lawyers do pro bono work. I thought doctors might also.

I believe that what you do comes back to you, karma if you like.

I really hope you've found help by now. If not I suggest you take a look at my list of what works for me, click on the tags about suggestions and see if anything might also help you. I wish you well.

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