Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Retraining the brain - CBS News reported on drug free methods to restore mental capabilities.

Today I'd like to remind you about a 2006 CBS News story, Retraining the brain -Doctors Test Drug -Free Methods To Restore Lost Mental Capabilities.

Please note that the CI therapy mentioned was designed by Dr. Edward Taub at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Taub says treatments that retrain the brain have been proven useful in treating strokes, brain injuries, even helping recovery from hip replacement. "There are treatments for lots and lots of conditions that are not part of mainstream treatments, but are effective," Taub says.

The article finishes,
"As science learns more about the brain's capacity to rewire itself, instead of using drugs, doctors may increasingly try teaching old brains new tricks."

Please click on this blog title to go to the CBS News report. Although not specifically about chronic pain, it shows that the US is clearly taking up the challenge and using the techniques of retraining the brain based on the knowledge of brain plasticity well worth the read.

Since this article researchers in Australia have discovered that dementia can be seen a a loss of neural activity. Now we know how to retrain the brain to build new neural pathways, the future is looking brighter for all.

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