Saturday, May 30, 2009

A very interesting comment by "Jane".

Jane Commented on my recent post

"Hi, My name is Jane. I have suffered CRPS for 18 months now. Medication is not an option for me. I have tried the mirror box type of therapy, but whilst doing exercises, I was reminded of my limb, so it was counter productive in a way. Then one day one of our mirrors fell and the frame broke. My husband put the mirror in the corner which is next to another mirror on the same corner of the other wall creating a mirrored corner. When you stand central to both these mirrors, your left reflection is actually your right side, therefore confusing what you are actually doing and seeing. I haven't had relief as yet, but I have noticed how I stand lopsided, when lifting my arms I feel my affected limb is as high as the unaffected limb, but its not, so I am learning over again to stand straight.
Because it is on a larger scale, I concentrate on my entire body, it is like a diversion. One other of a few techniques I use to deal with the pain.
I suppose its what ever works, hey!!"

jeisea said...

Hi Jane

That's fascinating. I've used a hinged double makeup mirror to treat pain in the side of my face. It worked very well. What you describe is different. You may have hit on something significant. Please let me know what happens if you continue.

I wonder what your technique was when you did the original mirror therapy. I do it for a very short time, sometimes only 10 seconds, but do it several times a day. I also change the inputs eg I might have music on or be eating or have a fan going. Adding extras keeps the exercise fresh. New research suggests that to create new neural pathways the experience needs to be new. Adding in something that activates the different senses, I think, is a good idea. If you have time to watch, the series of 6 videos I recently posted explains this a bit.

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