Wednesday, June 03, 2009

My Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture treatment.

I mentioned in a previous post that I'm having Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture in a plan to stop CRPS symptoms. What I'm hoping is that my dysautonomia will become normal autonomic nervous function. When this happens I expect that, as last year, Not only will my blood pressure and heart rate normalize, but that other things like vascular/temperature changes will also be calmed. I also expect inflammation to stop and my pain levels to significantly decrease, ie the CRPS pain. I have a permanent injury with arthritic changes in my right wrist so I do not realistically expect all pain to cease.

On Monday I had my second YNSA treatment. As on Friday I felt a calmness envelop me. With this goes a reduction in pain. The interesting thing I've noticed is that both on Friday and on Monday I became more alert, or switched on. I've come to see myself as vague and lacking in concentration. In particular since developing CRPS my mathematical, processing ability has really slowed. Remarkably my old ability to think very quickly returned. If only briefly, this was a very good and very much unexpected result. I have the third treatment tomorrow and will post how it goes.


Jeanne said...


Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. I am just blown away by how blogging about dysautonomia has caused such a large upsurge in blog traffic... so much so that I'm having trouble keeping up. (I'm sorry I'm slower-than-usual in moderating comments).

I got your comment and Googled this type of acupuncture after reading it. That brought me here (where I was planning on visiting anyway)! Thus the comment on an older post.

I have never had this type of acupuncture but I am a HUGE acupuncture fan.

I'm so glad you are feeling better after your acupuncture treatments! That's great!!


jeisea said...

Hi Jeanne
I think acupuncture has a lot to offer in calming the autonomic nervous system. If you go to the right of this blog you'll see inks to research on YNSA. Hope things work out for you.

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