Saturday, August 22, 2009

Byron Zone

I made this slide show. I thought I'd share where I live with you.

Kissed by the first rays of the morning sun, Byron, a shire of splendour, on the rim of an ancient shield volcano, is a meeting place of peoples and cultures. A 1000 year old midden at The Pass in Byron Bay is testament to the traditional ownership by the Arakwal Aboriginal people who remain custodians of this land.

Since its discovery by Captain Cook in 1770, Byron Bay has morphed from working man's town to play town. The surrounding towns and villages that make up this unique shire are also captivating, each with its own special charm.

More than just one town, this is Byron Zone.


How to Cope with Pain said...

Loved all the wildlife, especially the floating turtle! Thanks for sharing.

jeisea said...

The turtle was in the water below the light house. We see whales in the same place at present and always dolphins, manta rays and sometimes huge sharks. I'M GLAD YOU ENJOYED.

milly said...

i just discovered your blogspot. i know at one point you were wondering about a genetic predisposition to rsd so i thought i might mention that both me and my identical twin developed rsd within months of each other. you think it is hard getting doctors to believe you are in pain when things 'look' so normal for one of you? you can only imagine how skeptical they were that we could both get rsd at the same time in the same location! I firmly believe that getting rsd was inevitable for us. we lived apart for so long and did completely different activities, yet kaboom! different injuries- same response! while sometimes it seems we suffer twice as much (when she has a flare i feel so badly for her i may as well be having one myself!), having someone to relate to, provide motivation and to pull me out of the "woe is me" doldrums and understand the condition has been an enormous help- not unlike your blog! i was reading your "things that help" page- though i havent done as much as you i would agree with most of your comments. a low dose of allegron (prescribed my my rheumatologist) has also helped reduce the 'severity' of backlashes the day after i have overdone it. take care, milly

jeisea said...

Hi Milly
I'm so glad you commented. It's known that the brain determines pain or no pain. There is much evidence of identical twins thinking and behaving in exactly the same way so it seems quite feasible that you both could develop CRPS at the same time. I'd like to know more eg if you had different inciting events, were they in the same area (say the ankle)? I think researchers would be interested in your case also. Would you consider emailing me ""?

I'm going to copy part of this comment you made and post. Then I'll repost about predisposing factors and research that I know about. If anyone has any other information I would appreciate a comment. Also any other twins with crps.

Thank you Milly.

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