Thursday, August 13, 2009

Graded motor imagery - mirror box therapy - recommended

The Neuro orthopedic Institute (noigroup) explains graded motor imagery and mirror therapy.

"While there has been some promising research on the effectiveness of using mirrors, we don’t really know the best protocol. Therefore, ideal management will have to be individualised."

It's for this reason some people find that mirror therapy doesn't sem to work for them. I suggest that it is more a case of mirror therapy works but getting it right for the individual is the important thing. In my case I've found that I must pay attention to the point of initial site of that flare up. If, for example, I'm looking at my arm moving but the initial pain was the shoulder, it doesn't work. When I change focus to the shoulder then it works.

There are very good suggestion on this site for getting it right.


Ozone said...

Great Post, it is great to see that Mirror Therapy is finally becoming recognised as an effective therapy.

Interesting point about the attention to the point of initial site of that flare up. Can you explain more and how this relates to the discoveries of V.S. Ramachandran?


jeisea said...

Hi David
I am not a medical person. I was a teacher of Japanese before worsening symptoms caused me to stop teaching.
I've discovered a few things along the way as I was (nicely) abandoned by the medical profession after my vascular physician/cardiologist told me I can not tolerate medications due to serious side effects and suggested I search the internet for answers.

I will make a new post soon to answer your questions as others may be interested also. Thank you for commenting. If you sign up for email posts, you can click "reply" to one of my posts in your email and I'll reply with my email address. I am cautious about what I put on the internet.

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