Sunday, August 02, 2009

Neuro Orthopedic Institute of Australasia - videos - "Explain Pain Posters"

The Neuro Orthopedic Institute of Australasia (NOI Group) has excellent resources on their website. Today I would like to draw your attention to a series of barefoot videos.

The first of this series of three is "Explain Pain Posters".

Although this video appears to be intended for therapists, it gives a very good explanation of some basic but important points in the book "Explain Pain" and as such is worth watching. Of particular value are the points about hurting and not harming, and pacing.

The second video David Butler and Lorimer Moseley discuss the last five years of Explain Pain. This is interesting as it discusses what has porven to be the most value in this book and considers where to go from here.

Finally the third video sees Dr Lorimer Moseley discussing his new book "Painful Yarns" with Tom Giles. This video demonstrates Lorimers great ability to make complex medical information simple enough for us all to understand. He does this by humourously relating a series af anecdotes of situations with which many of us will find familiar.

I recommend taking the time to watch.

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