Sunday, September 27, 2009

ABC Unleashed interviews Norman Doidge about "The brain that changes itself"

Dr Norman Doidge, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst from Columbia University discusses neuroplasticity of the brain and his book "The brain that changes itself". He tells us that "neuroplasticity is not a theory. It is a fact." He says that this is cutting edge material and up to now, no government is utilizing this knowledge to help develop health policies. This should not be trivialized. It's time for "out of the box" thinking.

Although this video only briefly mentions neuroplasticity and its part in pain it is well worth watching. The implications for benefits for us go well beyond management of pain and are relevant for all.


Usiku (oo-SEE-koo) said...

My interest in personal growth is aided by persepctives that provide ways to improve on what we already have. Our brain's capacity and ability to aid us in so many ways is intriguing. It is indeed worth it to watch this video and exercise my thinking and try to keep my brain as flexible as possible.

jeisea said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Thanks Usiku.

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