Thursday, September 17, 2009

Find out about your medicines.

The National Prescribing Service of Australia (NPS) has a new website offering. The new medicine name finder works by giving you the active ingredient when you type in the name of your medicine.
  • Step 1 - Type in the name of your medicine.
  • Step 2 - Note the results
  • Step 3 - Now you know your medicine name you can
Print your search results to take to your doctor or pharmacist
Get a down loadable medicine list and note your details
Search for consumer medicine information

While there check out the very good "tools and tips" to the upper left of the site.

Australians should note the free "Medicine Line" number -1300888763
I've used this service when I was taking medication. If you have a symptom you can tell them what medication and natural remedies you use. They look at side effects and possible interactions and advise accordingly. It's an excellent service.

The other number to note is the 24hour medihelp line 1800022222

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