Thursday, September 24, 2009

My experience with Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture. - Part I

The first time I had Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture (YNSA) was November 2007.
This is a repost of a post I made on 3/3/08.

I've been having Laser Acupuncture for a couple of months. This was releasing muscle spasm, easing symptoms and was calming. However on this visit I'd had a headache for three weeks. I take Vitamin B2 to prevent migraine so this was breakthrough headache, not as bad as acute migraine. My GP was decisive and said that Yamamoto Acupuncture would be best. I was very nervous as I'd heard needles are not advised for people with CRPS. My scalp on the headache side was hypersensitive as was the whole side of my head. He placed one needle on the non painful side and I felt nothing as he inserted the needle, but it was a different story on the headache side. I really felt the needles on that side and was concerned that the pain caused might have made things worse.

This was not the case and withing 30 minutes the headache had gone. It returned briefly later that afternoon and then was gone and did not return.

My next experience with Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture was about four weeks ago. I'd made two small cards which involved cutting and fine motor work with my hands. I have a stiff and thick right wrist from the wrist fracture which led to CRPS. I have limited movement in my wrist because of the severity of the fracture which resulted in permanent disability. Fine motor activity appears to cause irritation to the nerves of my right hand/wrist. This is what happened in this case. I had difficulty closing a fist, holding things, squeezing a peg etc. My nerves were firing and my perception of feeling changed in my fingers and hand. The pain traveled quickly to my elbow. Soon my shoulder became painful. Very quickly old pains returned.( You may remember I've mentioned before that sometimes old pains suddenly return.) By the time I went to the doctor I was in a great deal of pain in my right wrist, elbow, shoulder, right leg, foot and left shoulder, back and my chest. My doctor said it was inflammation and that the median and radial nerves were involved and issues stemmed from C1 to C7 in my back. Not being a medical person, I wasn't sure I understood what he meant but I was prepared to trust his recommendation to use YNSA . I'd read about its use and knew it works for neurological problems.

Although I noticed relaxation immediately, I had no miracle cure. However later that evening I was able to hold things with less pain. By the time I saw the doctor a few days later I had noticeable improvement in my hand, but that was not all. The old remembered pains had retreated. Imagine hurting from head to foot and then the pain retreating back first form the extremities. I've been having two treatments a week. Between each treatment I seem to do something which irritates the wrist again so I get better and then slide back a bit. Right now all of the old pains have gone. My hand is painful when I do certain things with it eg turn on a tap. I've irritated the nerves in my hand today by using a pair of scissors. This will always be a problem due to the nature of my injury. The CRPS involvment is the ongoing pain and symptoms and spread of pain to other areas and resurfacing of old pain.

After the fifth treatment the CRPS symptoms had stopped.

But there's more!!!!

Just over a week ago I went to the City. I walked up a hill and was surprised at having no tachycardia, shortness of breath and crushing chest pain. I walked up two long flights of stairs. Usually I struggle. Again no tachycardia etc.

Later that day a poor gentleman was hit by a taxi right in front of us. I saw him fly through the air and we were first on the scene to call for help and administer aid. I had no adrenaline rush, no symptoms, no sweating, feeling feint etc. I was calm. This is how I used to be before CRPS. Those who have followed my journey will know I cannot take medicines because of cardiac complications from a hyper sensitive sympathetic nervous system. Suddenly I d no sympathetic nervous system response. In fact I was very calm.

When we came home I checked my blood pressure. It was normal. I stood up suddenly and took it again. No difference. Usually my blood pressure drops about 20 points when I stand from sitting. My blood pressure appears to be normal and no wild swings.

This weekend I again walked up hills and stairs with no problem. At present my blood pressure and cardiac response have appeared to be normal for a week and a half. This is nothing short of amazing.

What this means is that right now my sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems seem to be responding normally. I had come to think this would never be the case and adjusted my lifestyle accordingly. I was not expecting this to happen. The only thing that I am doing differently is Yamamoto Acupuncture. I am continuing treatment and will post again soon about how this is going for me.

Remember this is a repost from 3/3/08

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