Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Preventioning development or complications of CRPS after surgery.

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This is of particular interest to me as had this information been known at the time of my wrist fracture in 1998, this simple, inexpensive treatment could have prevented my nines years of pain.

Researchers at Centre Hospitalier, Rue Marcellin Berthelot, 02 000 Laon, France found that the incidence of reflex sympathetic dystrophy was five time times lower in a group give vitamin C orally for 45 days from the start of the fracture. They considered that this supported previous observations and lent credibility to the value of vitamin C administration as a prophylactic measure to prevent the occurrence of reflex sympathetic dystrophy in patients who undergo surgical treatment of a displaced fracture of the distal radius.

In July 2007 the Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery reported that Drs Zollinger, Tuinebreijer, Breederveld and Kreis, Department of Surgery, Red Cross Hospital, Beverwijk, The Netherlands had conducted a randomized, controlled, multicenter dose-response study into whether vitamin C can prevent the development of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in patients with wrist fractures.

The study concluded that Vitamin C reduces the prevalence of complex regional pain syndrome after wrist fractures. A daily dose of 500 mg for fifty days was recommended recommended.


Anonymous said...

Doctors know everything there is to know about RSD except how to prevent it and cure it--and who really cares about the rest.

I had RSD in my right hand several years ago. I say "had" because it's gone now. I have two fingers that are slightly crooked but the hand is fully functional with no pain at all.

What worked for me, mainly, was to take 10,000 IU daily. I did this for over a year, until my vitamin D blood level was at 74 ng/ml. I also cut out all sugars/sweets and most grains from my diet, which promote acidity and therefore cause inflammation.

Additionally I did several months of a very gentle type of therapy known as Integrative Manual Therapy, which worked wonders toward restoring function and eliminating swelling. Info is available online.

Yes, I was taking vitamin C at the time. but not a lot. It didn't prevent the RSD but it probably kept it from being full-blown.

jeisea said...

Thanks for your comment. Wonderful that you've had such a good result. There seems to be more and more information about vitamin D. I hadn't specifically heard about it's use for this before. I'll look it up now you've made me aware and I'll post what i find. I'm also interested in your mention of sugars and grains and inflammation and will also do some research about this. Manual therapy is the cornerstone of treatment for CRPS. I have no doubt that this went a long way to giving you remission. Although there is no certainty that taking a small amount of vitamin c (preferably as food) for prevention of CRPS, I will definitely continue to do this if I have anything happen that can possibly cause a recurrance of this painful syndrome.
Much appreciate the time and effort taken in your comment.

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