Sunday, October 18, 2009

Body in mind - Lorimer Moseley and team's new website

Lorimer Moseley and team focussing on clinical neuroscience and the role of the brain in health and disease in their web site Body in the Mind

Look to the left for a link to great information about CRPS..


Lorimer said...

Thanks for your support. We're still newbie bloggers, glad you are finding the information useful.

jeisea said...

Hi Lorimer
Your blog is timely with many people looking for information about mirror therapy after the "House" episode.

Hope you don't mind if I promote your posts from time to time.

Lorimer said...

That would be great -- and in fact we're about to comment on the 'house' episode...

jeisea said...

Hi Lorimer
Suggest you look here

They suggest that House might be going to continue on with the mirror therapy theme.

If this is possibly so you might like to contact the writers etc. This is a link to Fox email. House is a Fox production and this general link was on the House page.

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