Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Happiness Institute free webinar "Create the best job in the world - for yourself".

This might seem like an odd post for my blog however stress of job loss, having to change our lives and redefine who we are is very real to people with chronic pain especially CRPS/RSD. If in the workforce or planning a return this could suit you.If this webinar isn't for you it may help someone important to you. Remember happiness changes the brain in ways that are helpful.

The Happiness Institute in Sydney, Australia is now offering a series of free webinars. The last one was on "resilience", having the skills to cope with stressors in life. This one will be offered again so I'll post about it then.

This webinar Create the best job in the world - for yourself, is about maximizing the happiness and satisfaction the participants can gain from the time they are working

Presented by Professor Tim Sharp participants will learn how to:

- clarify your priorities, discover your purpose and paint a positive vision of the future
- approach whatever you do with enthusiasm and interact with whomever you need to work with positivity
- identify your inner strengths and attributes and utilise these effectively to enjoy what you do more and to be more  successful
- and finally, be resilient, bounce back from adversity and stay on track once you've planned out your path 

Wednesday, November 11 at 5.30 - 6.30 EST (that's Sydney, Australia time)
This world clock will help you find the time difference.

This is now over however this link will take you to a very good document Resilience - maintaining the happiness through the hard times
and for therapists this is a great resource Building resilience - using positive psychology to get through tough times. (slide show)

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Liv said...

I tried to log in to the resiliency webinar but it was on Sydney Daylight Savings time, and as I'm in Qld (on EST but not on daylight savings time) I missed it. So remember to check whether it's daylight savings in Sydney or not.

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