Thursday, October 08, 2009

house s06e03 mirror box

The Utube video which was previously posted here has been removed as it breaches copyright in Australia.

It showed an episode of "House" in which in which Dr House successfully treats phantom limb pain using mirror box therapy.


Mike Baxall said...

Great video, A bit dramatic but mirror box therapy can have this affect. For more info goto or where you can buy a folding mirror box.

jeisea said...

You are right, Mike , about it being a bit dramatic. It certainly wasn't a dramatic result for me. However I did notice a change immediately. I needed to do mirror therapy a few times a day over a period of time to get a great result.

Another place to look for mirror boxes is

Please note that I have never used a box. I didn't know about mirror boxes when I started. A mirror box is ideal for single limb problems. You can do mirror therapy on other areas using a detached ordinary mirror.

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