Thursday, October 29, 2009

Last post for a while - keeping it real.

I won't be posting for a while so I thought I'd give my thoughts in this post.

The House episode on mirror therapy was great in that it helped spread awareness of a non drug way of dealing with pain. However it's important to keep things in perspective. Mirror therapy is not a quick cure or the perfect treatment. It offers, in my opinion, a tool to add to others things that work for you. There is ongoing research which shows that some people can get a great result. It really helped me. In my opinion it has a better chance of working if you get it right. I would have much preferred to have been guided by a physiotherapist but there was none here at the time I began who knew about guided imagery and mirror visual imagery. In Australia now there are many therapists who have been trained in this area. NoiGroup has exceptional training for professionals in Australia and throughout the world. Their website has excellent resources for patients and professionals. David Butler and Dr Lorimer Moseley explain about this new treatment and the new understanding of the part the brain has to play in pain in free video on the NoiGroup site.. Dr Moseley and his team have a new website Body in mind which I recommend you visit and keep visiting. I recommend that you read the article Guided motor imagery is effective for longstand complex regional pain syndrome.

There is great cause for optimism with so much research current. It pays not to put all your chickens in one basket and not count on one thing, one drug one therapy as a fix. Looking out for ourselves, making a list of what helps, eating well, being mindful, remembering to breathe and keeping it real seems to me to be a good way to go. Stay safe and remember to take care of you.

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