Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mirror therapy - the importance of getting it right. - my observations.

I did mirror therapy this morning again for my ankle and discovered something.
I sat as you saw in the video with the mirror between my two feet. I moved my foot as I had done before but had this strange sensation, similar if not the same, as the sensation when I moved my painful foot and not my good foot whilst looking at the mirror image of my good foot.

I realized that I did not have the mirror positioned exactly centrally to my body. I also noticed that it was at an acute angle (smaller) instead of at right angles to my body. When I realigned the mirror all went well and no "strange sensation". It appears to me that the positioning/angle of the mirror such that the hidden foot is in the same position as the mirror image of the good foot is important in using this therapy and that having the position contry to the image could be causing a mismatch somehow.
I speculate whether the distance from the mirror might also be important.

If someone thinks videoing this might help others to understand please post a comment and I'll video what I did.

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Tough Cookie said...

Did you catch my guest blogger post on Kris Carr's, the author and film maker of Crazy Sexy Cancer, about RSD and overcoming chronic pain? I was so thrilled!

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