Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mirror therapy improves motor function as well as reduces pain.

In the previous posts here and here you saw me using mirror therapy for severe foot pain and loss of function. You will have noticed that I mentioned that before doing the mirror trick I could not move my toes, nor could I raise and lower my foot. After continuing the movement trying to move both feet (good foot while looking at the mirror image of it and the painful, injured foot hidden behind the mirror) eventually I was actually able to move my toes and to raise and lower my foot. This remarkable improvement in motor function was after only a short time of doing this treatment.

I injured my ankle on Wednesday. Today, Saturday, I can walk normally although with some discomfort. There is still some swelling and bruising but much improved. My treatment has been mirror therapy a few times a day, laser acupuncture on Wednesday and Friday in the area of injury and Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture. The YNSA specifically is to address autonomic dysfunction. 

Body in mind has posted a comment by Dr Lorimar Moseley on a recently published letter in the New England Medical Journal. In the post he says, "it would be nice to see if pain reduction and motor improvement are related". 

Well in my my case with this injury, function definitely improved with mirror therapy. I went from couldn't move toes or foot to being able to move them. I  suspect that my inability to move my toes was because of pain. Mirror therapy eased the pain but also gave me visual input which created the illusion that my injured foot was moving. I don't pretend to understand this. I just know it works for me and for that I am very grateful. Before having this tool with which to help myself this would have been a different, much worse outcome for me involving ongoing extreme pain and loss of function for a long time.

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