Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mirror neurons - watching someone else being touched relieves pain?

Towards the end of the talk, 6.45mins, says that merely watching a person being massaged can relieve phantom limb pain. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome pain can be relieved in a similar way to phantom limb pain. Treatments such as mirror therapy and guided imagery have been used with some success. Is it possible that watching someone else being massaged on a corresponding limb to the CRPS patient's might relieve their pain?

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How to Cope with Pain said...

When a patient has trouble moving at all without pain, I use a treatment based in this idea. Instead of trying to move herself, I have her watch someone else do movements that she herself can't do. I consider it like a step before actually moving yourself.

The same with touch - if someone can't tolerate touch somewhere on her body, I have her watch someone else being touched.

It's a step away from doing it yourself, but it serves to get the brain ready to be able to do the next step.

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