Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Check out How To Cope with Pain's post on Breathing exercises for pain.

How To Cope with Pain has some excellent self help posts. Here's this week's offering with some practical ways to ease pain.


Art said...

Hi Jeisea,

I am writing in regard to

We are trying to spread the word about a new health tracker we have developed for crps / rsd patients.

The idea is to have a tool so that you can track your symptoms and see what may be contributing to them.

We will also be looking for associations. Our hope is to identify correlations between symptoms, daily activities, medications, and the environment. This will help us to better understand CRPS and hopefully to guide us to new potential treatments.

In order to identify statistically significant associations, we need a very large number of people to participate. Please consider sending out a group message to your members and posting a link if possible.

Thank you,


Art Kaminski MD

jeisea said...

Thanks Art for the reminder on this one. I posted about it in April 2009.
I will post again today and mention on twitter.

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