Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jimmy has suggested two more things to add to my list.

I like that Jimmy says "Get your level checked". Remember that even "natural" supplements can interact with other things so always let your doctor know when you change what you take.


I would add 2 more possibilities

Vitamin D3 -- get your level checked. Vitamin D actually a steroid and an immune modulator -- it helps turn on the immune system when it is needed and turn it off when the immune system is in danger of running off like wildfire. I've been taking 10,000 IU daily (it takes 40 IUs to make a MICROGRAM -- 1,000 MICRGRAMS to a milligram so my dose is 250 MICROGRAMS which equals .25 milligrams -- so what sounds like a huge dose is a little dose. Vitamin D deficiency is widespread -- and it has huge, huge health impacts.

Grape seed extract -- Vitamin C works in a protective role because it is an antioxidant and can stop runaway inflammation caused by the nerve's immune system through the glial cells before it gets started. Grape seed is the most potent anti-oxidant ever, about 100 times more powerful than Vitamin C. It builds capillaries and has been proven to help wound healing.

Thank you for your wonderful website.

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