Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Significant improvement in CRPS patients in Netherlands physical therapy study.

Jan-Willem Ek, Jan C van Gijn and colleagues from the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at Bethesda Hospital in The Netherlands studied 106 patents suffering severe physical impairments from CRPS Type I. Their research involved Graded Pain Exposure.

They reported no adverse effects and more than half of patients regained full physical movement. This is significant. 

In the case of CRPS there is pain regardless. Protecting and avoiding things that cause pain only increase weakness and disability. This study adds to the growing evidence that with CRPS it is really a case of "more pain more/real gain".

Pain exposure physical therapy may be a safe and effective treatment for longstanding complex regional pain syndrome type 1: a case series
By Jan-Willem Ek, Jan C van Gijn, Han Samwel, Jan van Egmond, Frank PAJ Klomp, and Robert TM van Dongen is published online now in the journal
Clinical Rehabilitation, published by SAGE.

The article will be free to access online for a limited period from http://cre.sagepub.com/cgi/rapidpdf/0269215509339875v1 

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