Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chronic pain seen as Australia's "shameful situation"

ABC News online posted an article today, Chronic pain: Australia's shameful situation.
Professor Michael Cousins o f Royal North Shore Hospital The University of Sydney is chairing the first National Pain Summit which was opened by Health Minister Nicola Roxon in Canberra this morning. Professor Cousins said that for the past 15 months, "healthcare and consumer organisations have developed a detailed strategy to address chronic pain, and it is now up to the Federal Government to implement these strategies."

With so much now known about the part the brain  plays in continuing the pain message and the drug free, invasive free brain retraining methods which have been proven to work, it is vital that Australia takes a professional approach to recognize pain as a disease in it's own right. 

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Anonymous said...

Worldwide Awareness Campaign

I am working with a couple of American Sites to turn November 2013 into International RSD Awareness Month, currently only America has a National Awareness Month.

Please spare 5 1/2 mins to watch this video but be aware you may find some of the images disturbing.

If you are newly diagnosed I strongly suggest you do not watch it.
If you live in the UK please sign

E-mail the link to your MP asking why since being informed on 30/10/2010 David Cameron, Nick Clegg and The DOH have refused to do anything about the situation
If you live in another Country can you start your own petition and send the link to your own Politicians
If you are willing to commit to spending 15mins a day for 4 weeks then 15mins a week to help spread this then please e-mail me on.

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