Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Explain Pain by Dr David Butler and Dr Lorimer Moseley on Amazon

Many people ask me where they can find the book I mention so often Expain Pain by Dr David Butler and Dr Lorimer Moseley. I've just discovered it's available from Amazon .

Here is a video in which David Butler and Lorimer Moseley discuss the last five years of Explain Pain. This is interesting as it discusses what has proven to be the most value in this book and considers where to go from here.


Diane said...

Yes, I found the listing at Amazon - but the price is out of my budget: $75 new, over $110 used (?? strange, that!).

jeisea said...

Hi Diane
Yes I agree the book is expensive. If you live in Australia you can get it at the library I think. Also many physiothjerapists have a few books which they lend out.

If you are in another country and see a physical therapist, you could ask them to buy the book and put it in their lending library as they can tax deduct. There are also valuable free resources on the NOIGROUP site which would be helpful for physios.

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