Saturday, March 13, 2010

Physical therapy for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

This is a phamphlet siting a study into the usual and effective methods od physical treatment for CRPS/RSD.
I recommend reading the discussion which says that exercise, mirror feedback, motor imagery, relaxation, acupuncture, electro acupuncture are among a range of effective treatments for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.


wels1116 said...

Have you ever heard of Calmare therapy? I am being treated with it now for my CRPS and it has almost completely gotten rid of my pain. I've had CRPS for over two years with an average daily pain of 8-9. I am now down to a 2-4 and I've had 5 treatments out of 10. I was weary of it at first but was willing to try anything. It really works. Just thought I would mention it.
Here are some links about it.

jeisea said...

No I haven't heard of this but will look into it. That's the great thing with the internet. We can help each other as none of us knows it all and what works for one doesn't always help another. Thanks for letting me know.

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