Sunday, July 25, 2010

Andrew Austin Mirror Box Therapy Part 3

Andrew Austin Mirror Box Therapy Part 2

Andrew Austin of demonstrates Ramachandran's mirror box.

Mirror Box Therapy - NOI GROUP

Augmented reality treatment for CRPS/RSD

Games Alfresco has posted about Using Augmented Reality in the Treatment of CRPS Patients.
The Kundsman say this video was done as "an introduction to our, group 09am734's, past project. It was completed during fall 2009, as the 1st semester project on the Medialogy master studies."  D. Baskarada, L. Knudsen, N. Nedergaard, R.B. Pedersen, L.G. Vink AALBORG UNIVERSITY FREDERIK BAJERS VEJ 7 Denmark were involved I believe in the project.

I now subscribe to TheKundsman Utube videos
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