Sunday, January 23, 2011

Some suggestions for those dealing with winter pain.

The UK Telegraph recently quoted Dr Nick Fraser, consultant in pain management at the BMI Alexandra Hospital in Cheshire as saying, “The low meteorological pressure in winter has a physical impact on our joints, compressing them and making movement more painful. "

In journalist Victoria Lambert's Telegraph article, Breaking the pain barrier 
Dr Fraser offers some practical suggestions of self managing pain.


Jim Pawell said...


My 20-year old daughter has suffered with CRPS for 9 years after an ankle sprain. We tried everything, including two ketamine comas in Germany and Mexico, Ilosprost in Austria, physical therapy in Seattle WA, and many, many drugs.

She is finally obtaining relief from an Italian invention called Calmar. Dr. D'Amato in Providence RI is delivering the treatment to Margo.

I encourage you to Google "Dr. D'Amato Calmar." The Calmar machine provides a complete and permanent cure with no risk or side effects by temporarily scrambling the pain signals sent to the brain until the brain reboots. A bit like mirror therapy but faster and more total.

When in Providence I watched one 30-year old woman who hadn't walked in 17 months get cured in one 30-minute treatment. I talked to her the next day and she was 100% pain free.

You reach me at if you want more information.

Thank you for the mirror video. We are about 8 years too late for that, but I'll bet it will help many sufferers.

Best wishes,


jeisea said...

Thanks Jim for the information. I'll look into that. That's how we learn here by helping each other.

Anonymous said...

My Son with full body crps is in his second week of treatment with Dr Cooney in New Jersey . The results after one week of calmar is amazing. He is now walking with out his walker and is nearly pain free for the first time in 6 years . This does work on most people . It is a emotonial roller coaster to see him pain free after so many years .

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