Friday, February 11, 2011

Great website about pain, pain management and research. Dougie Natusch's explaination of CRPS is well worth watching.

The Pain Community Centre site has been developed by Cardiff University with contributions from key opinion leaders across the UK. It is aimed at all those who want to enhance their knowledge and expertise in the management of pain, including our MSc Pain Management alumni, current students and faculty. They say that their "aim is to foster and support a community who want to improve the lives of those suffering pain and we welcome your advice, help and support in developing the community further."

In this video Dougie Natusch is a pain consultant in South Devon NHS. He explains the signs and symptoms associated with the Bruehl criteria used to diagnose the syndrome of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), the epidemiology, natural history, pathiophysiological theories of CRPS and a detailed examination of the evidence supporting the treatments and therapies applied to those theories.
Thanks to Diane Jacobs for tweeting about this very informative site.


margaret said...

I have a mirror box.
How do I go about treating my CRPS/RSD as I have t in both feet?

jeisea said...

Hi Margaret
I had a whole body problem so was faced with the same as you. This is what I did. I waited till one foot was worse than the other and then I looked at the mirror image of the foot that was better. I moved it in a way that would have caused pain to the other foot but was ok or not so bad for the better foot. Please feel free to ask anything. Comments come to my email and I check fairly often.

Moseley and Butler have a three step plan, the third step of which is mirror therapy. The first is guided imagery. Here is a link to information about Lorimer moseley and research and videos etc.

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