Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Take care. Be as safe as you can North Queensland as the most catastrophic storm ever approaches.

Just two months ago my husband and I took our caravan north as far as Cape Tribulation. We spent a blissful week in Cairns bird watching and snorkling on the Great Barrier Reef. We took our time as we passed through or stayed at many of the little and bigger places along the way. The very special lady who looked after Doc the dog while we spent the day at the reef, we hope you are safe. The many folk who live on the road, we hope you got out in time. Caravans don't survive 300 kilometer/hour  winds.

I see on the internet and TV that you have prepared well so all I can say is the thoughts and prayers of all of us are with you now as Severe Tropical Cyclone Yasi, upgraded to category five this morning and likely to be "more life-threatening" than any storm seen in Australia in living memory heads your way.

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