Sunday, November 27, 2011

Matthais Weinberger of Neurotopian has a great mirror therapy video.


Anonymous said...

I have CRPS/RSD in both feet/lower limbs. i purchased a Mirror Box some months ago but have never used it. It is hard to find good instructions for legs, I hav read that if thedisease is bi-lateral it is best to use a "donor" limb?
Hel please.

jeisea said...

Moseley's research suggest a three step approach beginning with the program Recognize which is availabe as an ap from Itunes, then guided motor imagery. Thirdly mirror therapy. Here is a link to treatment of long standing CRPS using guided motor imagery.
I had bilateral crps and waited until one side was less painful. Then I began for very short periods and repeated often. I used a larger rectecanguler mirror so that I could see the whole leg. I sat in a chair and put the most painful leg behind the mirrror. Then I moved the other leg and watched the mirror image of the good leg. The suggestion is to move both limbs in the same way. If you move them differently then it gives a strange sensation. The idea of using an artificial limb I think is for those with a missing limb. There have been various experiments using an artificial limb including those creating symptoms instead of treating. I haven't seen anything about using an artificial limb for bi lateral symptoms. Guided motor imagery is further explained by NOIGROUP
Here is a link to the Recognize ap.

Hope this helps. Please email me jeisea2@gmail if I can help you further.

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