Friday, November 25, 2011

Pain - A disease in its own right? Professor Michael Cousins commented on Body in Mind

Dr Lorimer Moseley originally posted the topic "Is chronic pain a disease in its own right?" on the Body in Mind website. Professor Michael Cousins' comment was presented as a new post "In response to 'Is chronic pain a disease in its own right'". 
It may help you to know a little more about Professor Cousins and his work. Professor Cousins was interviewed on Catalyst in July 2009.
ABC Local Conversations with Richard Fidler interviewed Professor Cousins in June 2010.

BBC News also reported on thie topic "Pain should be a diesease in its own right."

To put this into perspective,  The International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) in 2001 recommended the Global Adoption of the European Federation of IASP's declaration on Chronic Pain as a Major Healthcare Problem a Disease in its Own Right.
I recommend viewing this Swiss Presentation. 

Please do not take this post to mean that I believe the primary treatment for pain is medication and invasive procedures. I believe physical and new brain retraining techniques offer real and cost efective promise. However having pain declared a disease in its own right has significant implications for access to funding for much need research. As I posted recently, scientifically rigorous trials require large funding budgets. Raising the profile of Pain will allow access to more funds.

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