Sunday, December 18, 2011

RSD/CRPS awarenerss video.I thought carefully about posting this video as it is a little alarming. Not everyone has these symptoms or to this extent. Whilst I agree that chronic pain is very difficult to deal with I believe that all people in pain deserve respect and see no purpose served by comparing pain levels of various conditions. I believe that CRPS is treatable and am in remission for the second time from intractable, whole body CRPS.


stephen said...

Hello my name is Steve - I have survived CRPS for 17yrs. no remission, just day after day of the same.
I will give you the tip that has let me go on so long.
- Find a Doc that will take care of you to your satisfaction, if not move-on to the next Doc. If he or she does not help you to your satisfaction you may need to change Health Insurance Co.'s. I found Healthnet in the USA they are great.
A new start is just that - keep going stay strong don't give-up till you get what YOU NEED.
Next is to have the medicine regimen that gives you the quality of life you need - Most Important !!!. Next stay with this Blogger, she has good sound advice.
Steve - Hang-in-there-baby !.

jeisea said...

Hi Steve
Great advice and thank you for commenting.

Jane in Pain said...

Hi Jeisea, great video simplifying it! Sometimes when you try to explain it to people, they simply don't understand and mistake what you're talking about as being something relatively minor. I am very happy to have found your blog - thank you so much for your positive outlook on it all!

Steve, good on you! Having a good doctor does make the world of difference. I've had it for 10 years, just dips and bumps of the same continual pain. However, I've had excellent treatment and doctors though no remission ever. But I live in a positive way and make my life with the pain. Acceptance helps you get your life back so that it doesn't rule your life. Don't let the pain beat you!!

jeisea said...

Hi Jane
Great comment. Thanks. Positive things, whether thoughts or actions change the brain in a helpful way. There is so much research now to support this. Acceptance also does not mean complacency and as you say, getting on with your life is very important I believe.

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