Friday, January 06, 2012

Call for help from Chronic Pain Australia



Dr Coralie Wales
Chronic Pain Australia  sent me this important message asking for help. I thought I'd pass it on.


National Pain Week 2012





We are presently planning National Pain Week 2012. We have managed to secure some corporate support however the transfer of those funds to our Chronic Pain Australia purse may take another 3 months. 
This is a call for help.
We need to pay deposits for the major event we are planning in Canberra and secure the expert services of specialised people to help us make National Pain Week the big success that it is going to be. Without immediate funds we risk losing our ground and failing to secure the services we require to make it all happen. If all our supporters could help with a small contribution we can get cracking on the urgent things that need to be done now to create a really successful National Pain Week. If you are able to contribute $5 now, please click on the heart below to go to our online donation page. If $5 is beyond your budget, anything you can manage would be fantastic. Of course all donations over $2 are tax deductible, and if you want to contribute more please do!
When you make your donation please email us and let us know. Tell us if you are happy for us to include you on our sponsors and supporters page for 2012 National Pain Week. Lets show Australia just how strong we are!
To read more about National Pain Week 2012 please click here.
Many thanks and best wishes to you for 2012.
best wishes


CRPS Laywer said...

Hi Jeisea,

You've put together a fantastic blog. CRPS can be a devastating condition, but there's very little awareness of it amongst the general public. This blog post is a step in the right direction toward changing that.

Please do keep up the good work.

Best wishes, Alex.

jeisea said...

Thanks Alex. I appreciete your comment. You might like to look at this post

As it is known that CRPS can potentientally be prevented in known high risk events such as wrist, ankle and knee injuries, I believe treating practitioners probabley have an obligation to inform patients of the potential risks and possible means of prevention. Being aware of the potential risk they then, I believe, should be expected to make a timely diagnosis if clasic symptoms present.

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