Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How To Cope with Pain website asks for your response.

Professor of Pain Medicine who has the How to Cope with Pain website posted a comment here today. I intend to comment in reply. I know HTCwP would appreciate others comments.

Hi jeisea
There's a  comment on my blog today about using mirror therapy when CRPS is full body, and if there's any problem using mirror therapy when a patient is on opiates. I'd love your (and any of your readers') thoughts, if you have a moment. Click here to comment.
How to Cope with Pain

I only discovered mirror therapy after I was told I could no longer tolerate drugs. As you are probably aware. I consider that being told drugs were not an option ended up a blessing (although I initially felt abandoned by the medical profession).  I was forced to stop expecting people to "treat" me and had to start working things out for my self. This was hard but empowering in the end. The part of HTCwP's comment which is hard for me to answer is about doing mirror therapy whilst taking opiates. I'm hoping one of my readers might have some experience of this and be willing to share. You can comment on HTCwP website by clicking on the above link.

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