Friday, March 23, 2012

NOI Group has a new app "recognise feet" free for this week only. You can now buy this app for $8.99.

 I follow @noigrooup on twitter. They tweeted that their new iphone/ipad app "recognise feet" is free to download this week. Just search "recognise feet" in the itunes shop. Even at $8.99 it's great value. Those who don't have an iphone can do recognise feet on line at Noi Group.


How to Cope with Pain said...

I see it in the app store, but it's $8.99. Do you know how to get it for free, or did I miss it?

jeisea said...

Hi HTCwP. I got mine for free but I'm not sure when the week for the sale started. I saw it on twitter. Retweeted when I saw it but posted a day or so later as lots happening here. I'm sorry. It looks like the sale is over

Erin said...

Your site is a wonderful resource. I am also a person with pain, and I am delighted to have found it. However your follow me on twitter link isn't working. What is your twitter name so I can follow?

jeisea said...

Hi Erin
Thanks for letting me know about the Twitter problem. Will try and fix. I'm "jeisea" on Twitter. I've just finished reading the new Noigroup book, "The Graded Motor Imagery Handbook". It's great and really made me think. I'll be posting a review soon and in the next few weeks will post more on this. I tweet each time I post. What I like about Twitter is that I can retweet latest research or what interests from those I follow.
Thanks again.

wendy said...

Hi Jaicee - am new to the blogging & will master it eventually! I did a reply to your blog but it was lost I think in the ether!
I normally live near Byron but I am six months now in Sydney having treatment for my CRPS & remediating the surgery done locally.
It would be great to make a connection as I have felt very isolated with this.
I haven't done a profile yet but am a professional woman who is missing her work & a normal life!
It all has been a bit of a nightmare really!

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