Sunday, August 19, 2012

Consequences of the inflamed brain and its relation to chronic pain.

Steven F. Maier, Ph.D. and Linda R. Watkins, Ph.D., University of Colorado at Boulder report on Consequences of the inflamed brain.

Inflammation in the body can lead to inflammation in the brain. Inflammation is part of the immune system’s response to defend you. If the acute inflammatory response goes on too long eg more than a few days,  it can  lead to outcomes that nature did not intend. This could lead to "cognitive impairment instead of brief memory disruption, depression instead of reduced mood, fatigue instead of inactivity, and chronic pain instead of acute pain." "That is, physiology can become pathology when a set of processes designed to be relatively brief becomes prolonged."

Peripheral inflammation is highly complex and involves many immune cells and their products. At present our existing anti-inflammatory drugs often target only one of these. Hopefully studies such as this will lead to the  development of more effective anti-inflammatories which better target the these complex mediators of inflammation.


Brain Retrainer said...

Thanks for sharing the information about consequence of the inflamed brain and its relation to chronic pain.

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Brain Retrainer said...

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Anonymous said...

I am diagnosed with RSD after 50 days of injury in my right foot. The pain was unbearable. But after treatment I am able to stand on my feet but can't walk properly. Swelling and redness is reduced. But There is stiffness in my whole leg and foot.Pain is there but intensity is changes. Initially it was burning pain but now its like normal pain but severe. Problem is my whole leg and foot is getting thinner. There is visible difference in both legs and thighs. Initially there was pain in foot but now I feel pain in whole right side. Beside Physical pain emotionally I am becoming week. I cry continuously for no reason. Feel depress. Can't concentrate on any thing.IS it getting bad day by day or is it normal in RSD.

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