Friday, August 10, 2012

Could a simple seed hold promise for treatment of CRPS?

My last post mentioned oxidative stress as a component of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Antioxidants deal with oxidative stress. Research into fenugreek, a traditional food used in Ayuvedic medicine, has shown it to be a powerful antioxidant. I haven't found specific research about its use for treating CRPS but suspect that its efficacy may hold promise. I am not recommending adding it to your diet. As with many things fenugreek consumption may have side effects including changing the effect of medication so seek medical advice.

Georgia Health Sciences University's Dr Bobby Thomas and colleagues reported that  a powerful class of antioxidants may be a potent treatment for Parkinson's Disease. "A class of antioxidants called synthetic triterpenoids blocked development of Parkinson’s in an animal model that develops the disease in a handful of days". They used "the drugs to bolster Nrf2, a natural antioxidant and inflammation fighter." "They are now looking at the impact of synthetic triterpenoids in an animal model genetically programmed to acquire the disease more slowly, as humans do."

Shang Mingying;Tezuka Y;Cai Shaoqing, et al. (Department of Pharmacognosy, Beijing University of Medical Sciences, Beijing 100083) reported on Studies on Triterpenoids from Common Fenugreek(Trigonella foenum-graecum). Seven triterpenoids were isolated for the first time from the ethanol extract of seed of common fenugreek.

Fenugreek shows antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potential according to US and Arabic researchers.
The Journal of Food Biochemestry reported on this study showing the antioxidant effect of fenugreek.
Medical News Now with more about fenugreek from University of Queensland School of Medicine.

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